Learn to lose weight without being on a diet!


Learn To Invite God Into The Journey And Take Back The Control That Food Has Over You...
In 30 Minutes A Day Or Less!

Learn To Invite God Into The Journey And Take Back The Control That Food Has Over You...
In 30 Minutes A Day Or Less!

it's 100% free!

Learn To Lose Weight Without Being On A Diet!

Invite God Into The Journey And Take Back The Control That 
Food Has Over You...
in 30 Minutes a Day or Less!

Food Freedom


it's 100% free!

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Have you ever felt like food controls you? Where the thought of what you will (or won’t) eat next consumes your entire day? 

Do you have an obsession with food? And the more you try NOT to think about it, the more it’s all you can think about!

And the most frustrating part is that you are actually in the process of trying to LOSE weight...not eat everything in sight!

But regardless of your attempts to lose the weight, that bag of chips, that chocolate bar, that cheeseburger always seems to be calling your name?

You're Not Alone.

You're Not Alone.

You may feel like it is IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight and keep it off because you've failed so many times before.

But it's not your fault! 

There's a missing piece to the puzzle. 

The fad diet culture has been telling us lies. 

The truth is, it's not about the food - it's about your RELATIONSHIP with food.

But there is good news!

There is a way to reprogram your relationship with food and to find Freedom with Food!

We Have helped hundreds of Women 
Change Their Relationship With Food...
so that Food No Longer Has Control Over them!

In fact, we are hosting a FREE workshop where we are going to teach you:

  • How to identify your self-sabotaging behaviors
  • How to determine when you are emotionally eating
  • What it means to invite God into your weight loss journey
  • How to reprogram and rebuild your relationship with food
  • Why the scale should never be your first indicator of success

We’ve called it the Food Freedom Workshop because it’s about learning to reprogram your relationship with food so that you you can have success in your weight loss journey once and for all….to lose the weight AND to keep it off.

All without being on a diet, without eliminating any food groups, without counting anything (points, calories, carbs, macros, etc), and without exercising for hours and hours on end.

If you want to invite God into the journey and find out how to stop the self sabotage, then make sure to join us for this free event.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Learn how to take back the control that food has over you, once and for all! 

(More details to follow via email once you’ve signed up).

The best part is that this 5 Day Workshop takes less than 30 minutes a day!!

The Food Freedom Workshop Starts Immediately...
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